Be An Entrepreneur

Most research shows that over 85%
of all businesses internationally
fail in the first 10 Years – Why?

Money Tree Why do some businesses succeed against all odds and others just can’t seem to make it happen?
Do you want to take your business to the next level? If so, you need to change what you are doing?
The rules for Business has fundamentally changed the whole world over, it is therefore essential if not critical to learn to ‘Think out of the Box’ about Success and your Business in order to thrive in these turbulent times.
It is not often that people talk about a training experience and the impact it has made on their lives months beyond its completion.....Afripack has enjoyed.....3 record years in a row.....significant revenue growth with concomitant profit improvement. You have a world- class product and approach and I will not hesitate to recommend you to other progressive thinking companies.
Arnold Vermaak
Managing Director
Rewire your thinking to be more entrepreneurial in your approach to your business.
Take Risks.
Nothing ventured - nothing gained. Those who never dare, seldom achieve anything.
Lars Lofstrand (Sticky Money)

Partial Client List

Apple • Ford • AutoNation • MAXPROP • Game • Holiday Club • KIA Motors • University of Technology • Republic Title • REMAX • Renault • Triton Express • BNi Andritz • Gold Circle • East Coast Radio • TATA Motors Nissan • Merlog Foods • Circus Circus • Standard Bank • Buckman Laboratories • MetsoND Engineering • BMW • RCSA • Mazda • BSN Medical • Pivot Transport • Accountant Association • Keller Williams • First Bank • EBBY Halliday • Halo Group Realty • NAEA • Georgetown Mortgage • The Ramage Law Firm • Capital Title of Texas • Centre Court Cafe