Our Visionaries

Lars and Andre are passionate about helping people attain Financial and Emotional Independence.

Lars Löfstrand

Lars is whats know as a serial entrepreneur having started, owned and managed over 20 businesses, starting from the age of 10.

Lars became a Celebrity Rockstar at an early age playing Bass guitar in the South African band Celtic Rumours which gained huge success in the late 1980’s early 1990’s, releasing a string of top selling albums and attaining 8 chart toppers and number 1 hits.

Qualified and trained as a Psychological Profiler in Waco, Texas. Lars has authored the bestselling book Sticky Money and Real Estate Game Changers. He is currently working on his third and forth books.

He has an appeal that transcends barriers of age, culture and occupation. His laid back and humorous style ensures that his message is not only heard and remembered but put into action long after the event has come to an end.

A respected leadership authority, author, talented teacher, speaker, business owner, advisor, organizational consultant, thought leaders and entrepreneur. Lars is continuously engaged in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding regarding the principles of Greatness. Lars dedicates his life to teaching entrepreneurship and the pursuit of Greatness to individuals and organizations.

He owns, runs and invests in various companies.

Lars Lofstrand

My Message To You:

"My personal purpose (mission) is to fill minds with truth, fill hearts with love and to fill lives with service. I’m passionate about business and inspiring people to live a life by strategy and realize their dream of having a successful life and business."

André Nell

Andre is passionate about a few things.

1. Entrepreneurship

2. Making Life Simpler through the use of technology and training

3. His family

Andre is primarily responsible for RewireX Operations. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Web Design and Development. His ambition is to make RewireX a powerful force online.

Andre has trained and coached thousands of sales people in a variety of industries from Sales Directors and Sales Managers to Sales Professionals and Sales Assistants. 

Andre believes that the key ingredient to successful sales is not the ability to close, although that is important. Rather it is the ability to qualify the client in such a way that the client feels understood. When the client feels understood, and the solutions matches their needs, there is no need for push sales techniques to manipulate a reluctant client into buying.

Andre Nell

My Message To You:

"Happiness is a choice. Every day you should be doing all you can to exercise that choice. I have met wealthy people that are miserable and poor people that are happy. I have likewise met wealth people that are happy and poor people that are miserable. It is obvious to me that happiness cannot be determined by level of wealth. Most people will live for approximately 70 years. Choose to make as many of those years happy ones. If you learn to do that, you will enjoy life more no matter what your current environment may be like."